Artist´s Collective Monumental Workshop in Malmö, Sweden

Stiftelsen Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstäder i Malmö, also called KKV Monumental, was founded in the early 1970s. KKV Monumental is a collective workshop for artists working with visual art and related professions such as achitects and designers to compleate public work at monumental sice or for upcomming exhibitions.

In order to work in the workshop an approved application to the board is required. Forms for application can be foundon our swedish homepage under the tab "anslutning" or at our workshop.

In addition to the woking places. KKV Monumental also has a great importance as a meeting place and forum for artists and persons in the cultural field in Malmö, Skåne. We are a part of the network of public workshops in Malmö and cooperate with several cultural institutions in Malmö such as the acadamy of fine arts.

Stiftelsen Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstäder i Malmö
Bragegatan 15
214 30 Malmö
phone+46 (0)40 - 96 60 09

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